I’m Back!!!!!!!! and I’m Totally ANGRY!!!!!!!!

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Hello,,,, finally I’m back caused by the anger and issues i need to take out.

For this post – it’s all about question and personal anger. SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE A COMMENT!!!!!!!!!

Let’s start…………

1. I have unfinished business in which I’m hoping to finish it soon

2. What went wrong???? Every-time I open my self about my life esp my background they just back off and come back to the ” best friend ZONE”… please anyone tell me what went wrong. Is it because I was to honest?

And what hurts me more is that they’re saying ” You are everything I wanted but I can’t have”…for me the problem is I NEED SOMEONE THAT I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH, UNDERSTAND ME & FAR MOST EXCEPTS ME FOR WHO I AM

My GOD why is it so difficult????????????????????????????????

3. Never in my life I met a human being with personalities issues such as this person,,,,how can such a person have the feeling of never allowing other to be more than her, and the most unreal thing is that she is far from social standard ( so sad )

4. I am lost, lonely, angry & can’t understand my life


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Firstly for information I would like too put Quizz results in every end of my Blog just for the fun ( I like playing personality quizzes )

As for my name you call me whatever you like.  I’m born from an European Indonesian mother and a middle east father. So basically I’m a usual lady you meet ( that is what I think about myself) , but reality tells you differant . My mum comes from a small family members , different then my father who comes from a LARGE family member ( 20 siblings ) – imagine how many cousins I have …..around 100 people. Unfortunately God loves me so so much that I have only 1 brother, that is younger then me.

I don’t have a hobby,,,,hahahahaha- don’t know why? But i know that I like to learn new things. My curiosity is over my head and it gets me in a lot of trouble also accident- I will tell you later about that. Back to my Family – my  father worked in the international world known oil company where my mom sacrificed her career as a lawyer to become  a HOUSEWIFE.  Desperately enough she was a perfect, patient and totally devoted wife where everything she does was for her Husband and Family. Never ever questioned what the husband says and always obeys without doubt – typical Arab wife – no efense towards Arab because i’m half Arab.

My father’s family are all Arabs where my father was the only person who married a non-Arab. And also i refer the same towards my mother, she was the only person in her family who married a non-Indonesian. So,,, for conclusion is that their marriege was quite a drama among  families.  Ooohhh sorry, forgot to mention that my father was a divorce man after married to my mom ( ex wife was a danish where they had 1 daughter- so yes people I have an older step Sister ).  Their marriage was a DRAMA,,,let me explain about it. My father married  my mum saying that HE WAS DIVORCED WHICH WAS A LIE,,,, she knew after they got married that he was someone elses’s husband. It was War World III among them when wife no.1 found out that he remarried, as a payback affairs came as a role between them and my mum accused as the Guilty side. I will skip more details about my parents.

Eventhough my father graduated from a well known university in England but he still holds tightly his “cultural princips”.The  behavioral respond, educational support also mindset  between woman and men sets a very far barrier towards these two side. Grew up from a family ‘’’’’’’with money ,plays money, always needs money and can’t live with out it….’’’’’’’’

Differant then my mum whom was brought up in a “European culture surrounded by Asian STRICT culture”.  For her ethiques, values, education, pride ,honor and family name is as priority. Questions as “how a women should behave and think as a Respectable Honored Women” are more the issue. Because my mum  family is “known”  as a High Class Society Family.

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Hello world!

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